New Add Widget Menu

Dash now has a brand new way to add widgets to dashboards. Before, when you clicked the "add widget" plus button, it brought up a sliding menu like this:

If you chose a category like Text and Images, it would slide over to show you all of the widgets in that category. This worked fine, but it wasn't very easy to see all of the different types of widgets that are available.

Now, when you click the "add widget" plus button it shows an entire "add widget" layer. This give us a lot more space, and we're able to show you all of the things you can add to your dashboard on one screen.

The new search box is pretty handy too. If you start typing, we'll show you a list of suggested search phrases.

Here we've searched for "apple", and it's showing all of the dashboard widgets that are related to Apple.

We're pretty excited about this new add widget menu. Not only is it easier to use, but it also gives us room to add more widgets in the future.