Fitbit Widgets

Hi everyone! My name is Faiq Raza and I'm the newest addition to the Dash team! I joined the team about a month ago, and the first project I've been working on was adding widgets for the Fitbit fitness trackers.

The new widgets that I helped create will sync up to your Fitbit device, and allow you to see your total steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and floors climbed compared against your daily goal for each activity. So now you can track all of your fitness data in one simple and beautiful dashboard!

Here's a sample dashboard that we cooked up that shows weight information from the Withings smart scale, biking data from Strava, and Fitbit actity goals all organized in one simple place.

This is the first of many new features we have planned for you all at Dash! I am excited to see where these next few months will take us!