Hiring a Node.js Summer Intern

Are you looking for an awesome internship this summer hacking on node.js code remotely?


  • Smart and passionate software engineering student.
  • Want to hack on fun tech, including node.js code - shipping code to production multiples times a day.
  • Love, and sometimes hate, the peculiarities of JavaScript.
  • Live in the greater Philadelphia area. We'll want to hack together once or twice a week.
  • Are currently studying Computer Science or a similar field.


  • Build Dash using a bleeding edge tech stack.
  • Interact with popular APIs daily (e.g. instagram, twitter, etc.).
  • Offering an exciting job with challenging tasks and projects.
  • Competitive compensation with a flexible schedule.

If you want to know more, or see if you're a good match, shoot us an email at nathan@spiderstrategies.com.