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Dash on ScreenCloud App Store

If you have more than one large external display, check out ScreenCloud. It's digital signage software that helps you to manage the content shown on each display. They've just added Dash to their app store and have written a great blog post about how to use Dash with ScreenCloud.

Scott O'Reilly

Rotation for Full Screen Dashboards

We've added the ability to rotate full-screen dashboards. This allows you to show your dashboard on a vertical external display using a Chromecast or Apple TV. For example, here's a full-screen dashboard with the following URL:

When you click the "90°" button, the URL changes to

This is rotated on your computer, but when you take that URL and display it on a rotated TV, it looks like this:

Scott O'Reilly

New Add Widget Menu

Dash now has a brand new way to add widgets to dashboards. Before, when you clicked the "add widget" plus button, it brought up a sliding menu like this:

If you chose a category like Text and Images, it would slide over to show you all of the widgets in that category. This worked fine, but it wasn't very easy to see all of the different types of widgets that are available.

Now, when you click the "add widget" plus button it shows an entire "add widget" layer. This give us a lot more space, and we're able to show you all of the things you can add to your dashboard on one screen.

The new search box is pretty handy too. If you start typing, we'll show you a list of suggested search phrases.

Here we've searched for "apple", and it's showing all of the dashboard widgets that are related to Apple.

We're pretty excited about this new add widget menu. Not only is it easier to use, but it also gives us room to add more widgets in the future.

Scott O'Reilly

Google Drive Custom Widgets

You can now show custom data on your dashboards from Google Drive spreadsheets! These new Google Drive widgets can be used by anyone, including people with free accounts.

The first step is to build your spreadsheet on Google Drive. In this example we're building a custom chart.

Then we'll add a Google Drive widget in Dash. Just choose "Google Drive" from from the Custom widget menu:

After we add the custom chart widget to the dashboard, the widget configuration layer will come up. We'll choose the spreadsheet that we just made from the dropdown.

And here's what our chart looks like. Whenever we update our data on Google Drive, our dashboard will update less than 60 seconds later.

Google Drive widgets were a very popular development request, and we have even more exciting stuff coming soon.

Scott O'Reilly

Dashboard Themes

People with Pro and Business accounts can now change the style of their dashboards with our brand new themes. For example, you can take this dashboard that uses the default theme...

... and switch it to a dark theme that looks great on full-screen displays:

All you have to do is click this new button when you're editing a dashboard.

This brings up the style layer where you can choose our new theme, Late Night.

You can even change the background color.

This was a very popular development request, and we have even more exciting stuff coming soon.